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A Free 3 Part Video Series with Ananta Kranti

Learn how to Recognise the Deeper Message Within Core Wounds and Triggers, to Enter the Portal of Self Empowerment to Create Life From Your True Expression.

Watch the 3 Part video Series

I AM ... Interview

Ananta with Jonny Wilkinson

Finding Freedom in a Japanese jail
(2023 Interview)
In this talk Ananta reveals the journey from deep pain to true freedom.

In this free video series, Ananta dives into the roots of suffering and the powerful portal to self-awareness and true freedom...

What we will cover in this upcoming video series:

1. How you may be held back from your Joy and true expression by pain/limiting patterns and...

How to Get out of your own way.

2. How false identification and suffering is created and what happens when...

You wake up to realise the Truth of Your Being.

3. When you are Free to place the power of your attention where you want it to go...

Your True Self Empowerment reveals Freedom of choice.


And for those who stay with the journey all the way there will be an extra surprise session...


Ananta Kranti is a Direct Self Realisation and Embodiment Mentor, Author and Speaker who has helped thousands of seekers of Truth around the world, as well as therapists, coaches and facilitators to Awaken to their essential nature through direct Self inquiry, creating powerful shifts in consciousness, specialising in integration and embodiment of our true Being in daily life.
She has 35 years experience in spiritual and self development and over 24 years of guiding others to their own Self Realisation in a very quick, simple and profound way that doesn’t take years of practice.
She has been travelling the world holding Intensive retreats in Deepening in Self Realisation since 2004.
She has been interviewed by several known channels in the spiritual field such as Conscious TV, Batgap, New Realities and more recently the I AM podcast with Jonny Wilkinson.
Her book ‘What Is Looking Through Your Eyes?’ was published by Yogaland in 2021.
There are over 400 free videos that can be viewed on youtube where you may taste the taste of her transmission and multidimensional message.