I empower You to recognise, integrate, and embody Your real Self so that You can become who You really came here to Be


''Nobody said this human experience was going to be all pretty and sweet and easy so you could just come here and have a good time. You’re here to Realize. What else can it be about?''


Realising who you really Are is the beginning...


Ananta has dedicated her life to deepening her illumination and transmitting it to thousands of seekers in the form of personalized “pointers” that directly reveal the nature of the mind, its illusions, karmic entanglements and the path to ultimate freedom. She works in an integrative way with all levels, including unmet trauma that may be held in bodymind memory, and reveals practical ways to overcome, transform and live Awake into daily life.

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If you have a deep resonance with Ananta's work, and are sincerely looking for living from true freedom, deep peace and natural happiness - this is a profound opportunity to make that happen. 
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''Wake up in the morning and sit with Existence, take a moment just to Be.''

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MARCH 28TH - 2ND APRIL, 2024

Open taster meeting on 24th!

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''What are you ready to give up, to step into an updated and more expanded and free version of you?"

Online Self-Study Courses

Ananta has some powerful online courses which were recorded live with dedicated participants, working with real life situations.
You can watch the replays, follow along and complete in your own time. 
These are a profound opportunity to really dive into and immerse yourself in the living of these teachings.


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''Life takes us to the edge of Freedom and limitation. We are taken to those limited places…
​To open into the unlimited BEing we really ARE.''

The Living Awake community Vision.
There is something very different about living a life from Awareness with a commitment to the deepest honesty and integrity.
Would you like to interact with Ananta, in an intimate setting, ask questions or not and join a committed field of Beings Living Awake?
In the Living Awake community we meet bi-weekly for a deep dive 2 hour Satsang (meeting in Truth) personal and non personal sharings and more...
This is the most affordable option available for working intimately with Ananta, and there are plenty of opportunities for growth, interaction, support and guidance.
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''Awakening is Endless, it is always the beginning.''

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About Ananta

Ananta has devoted her life to the profound exploration of inner illumination, a journey she passionately shares with countless seekers and finders. Her unique gift lies in the ability to bring others into the direct experience of universal/personal expanded states and deliver personalized "pointers" that unveil the very essence of the mind, exposing its illusions, untangling karmic complexities, and illuminating the path to ultimate freedom.
With a holistic approach, Ananta seamlessly integrates her teachings and transmissions across all levels of human experience. She fearlessly delves into the depths of unmet trauma, intricately woven into the fabric of body and mind. Her teachings provide not only insight but also practical guidance, empowering individuals to overcome, transform, and truly awaken in the midst of daily life.
Ananta's wisdom emanates from a well of lived experience and profound realization. Her teachings are a beacon of light for those on the quest for self-discovery, inviting them to transcend the limitations of the ego and embrace the boundless potential of their true nature. Through her own journey, as a role model and her guidance, thousand's of souls have found their way back to themselves, forging a profound connection with the ever-present, ever-transforming essence of existence.
Are you ready to take this journey too?
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