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You Are Not The Doer... Is it True?

direct transmission/satsang guidance from ananta living awake meeting
Ananta Kranti ~ You Are Not The Doer... Is it True?


This is from a May 2024 Living Awake Meeting with Ananta...


So this whole thing, as usual, from the beginning to the end, comes back to, comes down to — awareness. Because we've all got the same stuff, we all share the same stuff, you know? 

We all share the whole shebang of human consciousness. We share it all, but what are we attuning to? 

What are we taking on?

What are we awake to? 

Then we're in a totally different world.

Sometimes we try so hard, you know, our human stuff to understand, or to figure things out, to find the way. 

And nobody told us that you just stop and step right out of it — create space — and allow it to just drop into your consciousness, because you already have the information, or the answer, or the guidance, or the whatever it is. You already have it on a level of you, in a depth of you, or in a level of consciousness, you have it all.

But because we get so busy in this storyline, it seems so out of reach. And it's simply like going to the next floor, you know, like in the elevator, the next floor. The lift opens and you are in a whole different world, where it's just so simple, it's just so obvious.

Can we develop the habit of getting in that lift? Going down to the basement and up to the penthouse. Can we develop the habit of making ‘time slots’ and space for that? 

How many of you do? Can you raise a hand? Yes. Very, very, very, very good. (Ananta laughing) Oh Madam. Yes. 

Then you know and you see the value.

We can get easily so in the habit of, “No, I haven't got time, I've got to do, I've got to go, I've got to…, I haven't got time for that”. 

And when we actually stop and just stop everything and drop, it's like what then comes, saves us so much time and energy because it brings a new direction, a clarity, a renewal, a rejuvenation, to our tired brains.

In that thinking box of a persona, thinking that we have to do life. That we are the doer of life. It's pretty convincing. It's like that, right? We are so convinced that as this small person, that there is a doer in here.

And that, the message that you are not the doer is really misunderstood because it's a pointer for the ego, right? It's a pointer for the ego, the ego is not the doer. It cannot do it, it cannot. The ego is in any way non-existent, imagining itself as the doer.

And that's a big, heavy weight. Success and failure comes all in that. When you get to feel like you completely failed or, you succeeded, which is a lovely feeling, but the moment that you are really taking that for your ego, for the ego, the moment you're taking that, it's only don’t just wait a moment and the other side comes. Because it's part of duality, right? To succeed and fail.

Yet, our real true being, our real true nature, what we actually truly are as pure creative life force, is thdisce doer of all things. It's the doer of this moment.

It's the doer of these words. I have no idea what the word will be before it comes. It's the doer of that.

And so where we are, like, resting in ourself, where we are aligning to in ourself, where we're coming from in ourself — what we're empowering in ourself, what we're giving the power to — is going to determine the whole experience, the whole show. 

So really, this is the one thing that we can ‘do’ is to be aware, to be aware. Our nature is already aware, but to be aware of what we're empowering and where the focus is, because when we are aware of where the focus is going and what we're empowering, when we're aware of that, we can choose differently.

We can shift the focus. But if we're not aware of it, and we're simply empowering things we don't want more of, and it's such a habit to do that, the moment we are aware… there appears a choice.


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