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Let Us Meet in Silence

a gem from the archives direct transmission/satsang
Let Us Meet in Silence ~ Ananta Kranti


Introduction from an Intensive Retreat in Zurich with Ananta


So let us first meet in silence, with the eyes closed, having the feeling that you are just dropping everything: your name, your life story, your expectations in life, your plans, your schedule. Allowing the body to just let go into this moment as it is, just experiencing what it is to be in this humanness.

Waves of energy, fluctuations in consciousness: you’ve got no control over that. There is silence and there are sounds; you are aware of both.

You are aware of sensations, of comfort, discomfort.

But you’re not doing anything to be aware: it is simply your nature.

It is always your nature, no matter about the coming and going; so taking This moment to really allow the meeting of This that is aware, that is the same in everyone, nobody is more or less of that, and taking this moment to rest in the meeting of that.


No boundary

With the eyes closed, where do you end and the other begin? 

And you see, there is no boundary. Just resting at home in yourself.

A human form, carrying a unique experience of humanness; yet at the core of it all there is no separate thing called the person.

With the eyes closed, the more you drop into yourself, where do you find what you call ‘me’?

This ‘me’ in this moment is Aware, Spacious, a Silent Awareness.


The Miracle of Being

And in a moment we will come to the surface, into the sharing, where individuality appears.

Before we come to the surface, give yourself This moment to taste, feel, sense, experience the magnificence of the miracle that you are.

And when you feel ready, give your body a little moment to experience this amazing machine, this vehicle you’re traveling in.


What is Looking Through Your Eyes?

And take a moment to see what it is that looks through your eyes!

Really just take a moment to see what is looking through your eyes, what is that? Always you say ‘me’, ‘I’, I’m looking through the eyes; what is the quality of this?


Beyond Words, Beyond knowledge

Hello, welcome; I’m happy to meet you all again, some faces here are new to me, and some faces are new to each of you, but what is behind the face is the same. Each and everyone having a unique experience, a unique body, life story.


How does this happen?

In each moment you can notice those waves moving through, a little wave of nervousness arises and falls, a little ah, a little eh; every second it’s all moving and changing. How does it happen?


What is doing all this?

What is that? You can only say: I don’t know!


Thought and Energy

Your mind can come up with its blablabla, tralalallala, reasons, hows, whys, whatever. But it would never speak the whole of it.


Words can never speak the whole of it.

So what we are meeting, what we are sharing, what we are bringing to light here is beyond words.

So we won’t get stuck on the words, we won’t hook on the words and turn them around and give them meanings and all of that.

But words carry energy, yes? Every thought carries energy; what you give the life force energy to, gets bigger, right? You’ve seen it.

If you start to energize some little story, khhrhhhg…it grows! whatever you energize, gets bigger.

But where does this energy come from? What is the source of all of this? This little mind will never be able to put That in a box.


Change vs. Stability

But what you are, every single cell, every single little flicker, every single cell is coming to life in every moment and dying: being born and dying, being born and dying is constantly, constantly changing, renewing.

And with the mind we try to fix something in place and hold it and keep it, and make it something stable, that we can rely on…

But the truth is that everything is dying and being born every moment and you have no control over that, you’ve got no control over the next thought.


Oneness and Uniqueness

Each and every one of you in this moment is perceiving and processing every word that’s being spoken in your own unique way. There is only one listener, but the process of filtering is absolutely unique. There is only one listener, there is only one speaker. I don’t know something you don’t know, I don’t have something you don’t have.

I’m saying: I’m watching the thing happen like you! And just watching the thing moving, these hands, look: just watching the thing moving and watching it happen.

Separation and Search

But when we take ourselves to be the one who is doing, the one who can control, the one who is driving the life: we keep crashing, we keep bumping into things, and this drives us to look for what is real, what is true.

Direct Experience – No Teaching

So in our meeting we’ll be focused on finding what is real, what is true by Direct Experience, not by any kind of teaching – I don’t have some kind of teaching, which is the good news, for me.

I don’t have to carry anything, you know! Only my bags, quite heavy: I have to pay overweight everywhere I go! I carry too many toys, but I don’t carry any teaching, I don’t carry any fixed idea..So we’ll be looking through direct experience like something that right now is standing by itself as absolute, yes?

That’s the way we will go along, and the only thing I appear to do is facilitate that direct experience.

So I like to say hello, by hearing your voices a little bit. Is there anybody who would like to start?



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