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How far away from You is This that is Aware?

a gem from the archives direct transmission/satsang inquiry with ananta
How far away from You is This that is Aware? ~ Ananta Kranti



April 1, 2016 Open Meeting in Koh Phangan, Thailand

A questioner moves from disbelief that we are all One... to the direct experience BE-ing That One.

Following that, a question arises... and calls this response.

This talk reveals:

  • A Non Duality teacher's point of view of Self Awareness
  • How to recognise Direct Realisation
  • How to deal with unconsciousness
  • Ananta Kranti's approach to self inquiry
  • How to be aware of awareness
  • How to be aware of oneself
  • Your true nature beyond your thought-identity 



Full Transcript: 


S:  ….thinking awaken everyone will start to realize that this is just a lucid dream and we can start to really shift the reality into anything we want to create.

Ananta:  Uh huh, so what is your question?  Do you have a question S.?

S:  I have doubts within myself about this.

Ananta:  Uh huh

S:  That this can actually come into a physical reality.  What she is saying is there’s a lot of suffering and a lot of pain and because of that we are stuck

Ananta:  Uh huh

S:  in a certain, ah um, a dimension or a certain way of being but once this is released, whatever we imagine we can actually do, if we want to fly we can fly.

Ananta:  Okay.  Look.  (smiles)  Do you want to come here?

S:  Me?  

Ananta:  Yeah. 

S:  Sure.

Ananta:  You can bring cushion with you if you want.  Okay. (breathes a few times while looking at S) …  … So I’d like to know from you what moved you to come here today?

S:  Ah … to understand the true nature of self in the universe.

Ananta:  That’s beautiful … … let’s just wait, it will come, just wait, wait without waiting (A. drinks tea and time passes)

S:  What are we waiting for?

Ananta(laughs) Okay, now this laughter, laughter.  Let’s start here with this laughter.

S:  Mhm … (makes a relaxed sound)

Ananta:  Ah, in this moment of laughter, who are you?  But I, see, okay, this is what I want to make clear with you, right. (mm) What you are wanting to understand, what you are, then, this is beautiful, that has arisen in you to the calling to come to understand even if it’s come through a woman beating at you or whatever, the calling has been ignited in you to want to understand.  Right?

S:  Mhm.

Ananta:  So, uhm, … the first thing that I want to say to you is that the realization of this that she is attempting to transmit to you, this realization can never be realized in belief.  It can never be realized in the understanding of thinking.  It can never be realized, wait, just a moment because it’s coming now.  We were waiting and now it’s coming.  Okay?  (laughs)

S:  Just breathing.  It’s my way, to breathe.

Ananta:  Okay, okay, okay.  All right. Because when it comes it comes, when it doesn’t come it doesn’t come. Okay? So what you are wanting to understand cannot be understood in thinking, it cannot be, but it cannot be realized in believing or the understanding of the mind. Right? So if you, if you received what she tries to tell you or whatever you hear or read any book or whatever and you try to figure that out or you believe or you don’t believe, this is all like ummmm happening for a thinking process mind which you take to be who you are.  Right?  (yes) 

So what is needed for you to see … because it is a seeing … it is not a believing and it is not an understanding … it is a seeing.  But the eyes which see are not the eyes that...

(loud background noise, to which Ananta smiles and raises both hands in the air)

S:  And who just created that?

Ananta:  You see this gap, just now, this gap.  There is a gap … there is no thought, okay, there is no thought right now. Just stay in that gap for a moment … just stay here … … the seeing … (Ananta breathes deeply).  In this gap, there are no thoughts … but you are … and you are aware … this moment you are aware … of sounds … of bodies, of shapes and colours.  You are aware and you’re not actually doing anything for any of that … you are simply still … unmoving. 

Now this that is here which is still, that is unmoving, which is aware … can not be done … it can not be believed, it can not be understood.  It is aware in this moment of itself.  Awareness is aware of itself without any doing. 

Now in this moment can you … I’m going to invite you to do some checking for yourself because it is you who has to check … it’s only you who can know.  So I’m going to invite you to do some checking, but the one condition is don’t use anything else but what is here just now.  Don’t use anything else to check.  So this that is here that is aware of itself just now … is that in the body or out of the body.  Can you keep the eye contact, that’s a second condition.  I have to put conditions sometimes.  This that is aware of itself just now, is it in or out of the body?

S:  For some reason it’s leaning towards both.

Ananta:  Mhm, we won’t look for the reason.  It’s both. It’s both in because any, any sensation or taste that moves through you, you are aware of that, yet it doesn’t end somewhere.  It’s not, this in the trees … and it’s also flying the birds.  The birds are simply aware…they are just there… aware … just being aware … Now. Don’t go anywhere, don’t go towards a but or anything like that…just for a moment, just see, give yourself the space to look from Here.  Now looking from Here, where is the end of you and the beginning of me?

S(time passes)  (breathing)

Ananta:  Ha, ha, ha, ha haaa. It was seen by the same one in the same moment … The nameless, the formless, which is using form which if we want to give it a name you can call it aware … … How far away from you is this that is aware?  (Ananta smiles)

S:  Don’t win tonight, right.

Ananta:  Ah?

S:  I didn’t understand that one.

Ananta:  It doesn’t … it’s not for the world of understanding.  How far away from you is this that is aware?

S (breathes) 

Ananta(smiles and laughs)  Hmmm  (A waits, smiles and breathes with S)  How far away from you is this that is aware?

S:  It is here.

Ananta:  (smiles and laughs)  Tell that woman she owes me.  (both laugh a while)

No don’t go thinking about her … no, no, no, no, no, no, no (laughs).  Seeing is seeing.  Seeing is seeing and there is no question because it is just obvious, it’s just obvious that how can aware be far away from me because there’s not a me which is not this that is aware.  I cannot find a me right now, I will have to think it up. So all I can find is this aware, so what do you mean how far away from me is this aware I cannot find.  Then if I start to try to think about that it becomes complicated … but just right here where you are direct is very, very simple.  It makes no sense for the thinking mind.  It never will.  Directly here is the most simple.  It is the child full of wonder, aahh (sticks out tongue)

The baby arrived on the planet just like that, aahh (sticks out tongue), being aware, Now.  And on top of that came the name, came the, all the conditions, all the experiences, all the memory, all the things that they didn’t intend, da da da da da da, until I believe that all of this is me.  But what arrived just pristine, pure, aware of being hasn’t gone anywhere, it hasn’t aged a single moment, it never had a birthday … hasn’t gone anywhere … it doesn’t need to be … reached because it is what is. 

To realize this by itself, not by the one who thinks it’s somebody, but to realize this within itself is self-realization.  The child full of wonder doesn’t realize itself, it doesn’t yet know separation … it has to get lost to realize itself.  So this that you are … realizing itself is very, very easy and simple, yet the one who has been thinking that it’s you for I don’t know how many years, … years exist for that one, …  birthdays exist for that one, … for the form that is changing and living in time and aging, it all exists for that one who has a name and a story … for that one it will be complicated. 

And it’s that one that will start coming undone once it’s being looked into by this that realizes itself And as it starts coming undone it is like a dying is happening. We call it ego death. But what we, what we are, what we have alway been  … was not even born and will not even die … it’s just changing forms.  It has come from the soil, it has formed itself into plant material and from that is has created, levels of worlds, mutation and right now in our human lived experience we are part of a human mutation … this human being will become something else.  Just as the gorilla made it way to humanness, this humanness is in a mutation and will turn into a new form.  The end of the old human being, the awakening of man, will bring about the mutation … … but don’t jump off buildings, because this little human cannot fly.     

S(breathes and laughs)

Ananta(laughs)  I, lovely, see the joke so instantly.  I love how you are speechless yet you are so full of knowing, pure knowing without knowing anything.

S:  I have a question.

Ananta:  Oh?

S:  My ego mind has come back.  

Ananta(laughs)  Welcome.  Let’s welcome. Let’s welcome.  Shall we welcome, huh?

S:  Welcome, welcome.  Thank you.

Ananta:  Welcome S. (laughs) Okay.  What does he want?

S:  Now the mind is saying, awareness yes, now I have to get work done.

Ananta:  I have to?

S:  I have to get work done to make money.

Ananta:  I have to get work done to make money, yes.

S:  How do you bridge the gap, or is it even a bridge?

Ananta:  Well, it’s not a bridge, no (laughs). It’s not a bridge.  When you start really moving your life energy or life force from what you deeply know to be true and love, when you no longer work just for the money … that’s what the old human being did … they did jobs they hated … just because they have to for the money … we’ve all done it, right?  Well I’ve done it, yeah, until the point comes where you cannot do it anymore … it’s not possible … you can only bring what you are and what you love into the world and bring that as a creativity that, that becomes your work.  And as long as it is supported by … the wholeness … it’s happening effortlessly, effortlessness which includes some effort, you know.  But that may be that for some time you still need too do things that you don’t really want to do.

You know, in the story, umm, of this process here, within this one for some years I was still doing work that I didn’t want to do but I had to do … until it came to a point where I just couldn’t do … and in the moment of "I know I cannot do this anymore.  I don’t know what I’m supposed to do … but I cannot do anymore", right, there was a gap, a great big gap of not knowing and within that a deeper dying and in this deeper dying, a happening … in which this … this kind of work revealed itself. 

So until you come to that point where you just can not, you still need to do some things, you know. And let me say that even within my work, even though I love, love, love, love, love making love with myself in this way, you know, because that’s what it is … even, I love my work, it still has a lot of things in it which I don’t love … yeah. But we have to. Life is not about our having everything that feels good all the time, you know.

S:  And do you go about this with the same awareness?

Ananta:  About what?

S:  Everything.

Ananta:  This job?

S:  This job, you going to the grocery store, anything, everything.

Ananta:  What do you mean?  I don’t know what you mean.      

S:  Are you switching between pure awareness and the mind? Back and forth?

(both laugh)

Ananta:  So kind, yeah, so kind. Okay, so that’s beautiful, your questions are really beautiful, really, really good. Thank you. Umm, there’s not a switching back of identity.  There’s not, there’s no identification with anything else but this.  This is what I am … there’s no wavering about that.  This is just what I am, right?

S:  Awareness.

Ananta:  This is what I am.  Not just awareness but we’re giving it that name.  What is it before you call it awareness?  You know, any word we give to it, we can say existence, we can say love, we can say truth, but because of all of those words are not it, so that which is before those words is what I am and the realization of that is absolute, it’s not in and out or wavering. Right? And, in this humanness for anybody and everybody there are many levels of, uhm, experience.  Yeah?

So at the level of the little one called Ananta who has this little life, right, that still goes on, … that still goes on … and it’s, and it’s very unique, it’s very different to your life, even if we are the same one, it’s very, … it has its own particularities.  It has its own way, patterns of ummm being, ways of being, you know and so there’s a constant integration of all those old ways of being that are in our system, which are not, … they don’t belong to anybody, … they’re, they are like handed down through generations and generations of human conditionings and belief systems. 

In all of our systems that is going to be there and that is a constant dying off of old ways of humanness, coming undone and what we really truly are, what, what I really truly am, stepping into those places. And that’s like a constant integration going on that goes on until the end of the body life, because you’re integrating humanity, not, not an ego but humanity and all that it’s been wired with for thousands of years. 

You’re integrating, you’re, that’s being undone through your consciousness and through your body while new realization is constantly stepping in, so you’re being made new constantly and dying constantly in those levels. You know? So even is old reactions of old tendencies of old humanness get activated in the system here, they are never identified with.  They are, they can arise and they can appear, yet they are not having reality as, as myself and this is the end of suffering because there is no, ahh, beating myself up for needing to act in any particular way.  Do you get what I mean?

S:  Yeah.

Ananta:  There is none of that.  So if an old tendency of humanness will appear in reaction to something coming towards me, it will appear, and the, the light of what I’m knowing will look into it.  But it can still appear. And by looking into it it’s being filled up with what is realized now…and then there appears on the table a choice of movement…because before it appeared on the table as a choice it was still, ahhh, uhm not fully welcomed, not fully…you know… 

I’ll give you a little example (audio/video ends at this point)


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