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Falling and Letting Go

a gem from the archives direct transmission/satsang
Falling and Letting Go ~ Ananta Kranti


Guided Introduction to Satsang in Dharmasala, India


Falling into that place in you which is always quiet, and watching the muscles and the tissues of this body relax, letting go, letting go of all your stories, all your expectations, all your ideas, still allowing everything that comes and goes to drop.

Whatever comes will have to go.

And falling into That which does not come and does not go.


Letting go into yourself


There is nothing to get, there is nothing to become.

Simply being yourself, giving yourself one moment not to look for anything, not to tell any story, just to rest at the centre of Being itself.


Vibrational Being


Tasting, feeling, sensing into This moment as a vibration.

A vibrational being, is what you are. Feeling into yourself as vibration. And with the eyes closed checking to see where you end and something else begins.

Can you find where you end and something else begins? With the eyes closed, you cannot find any separation.

Feeling into the whole space, the whole vibration, the whole vibrational field as yourself.

Allowing everything just to be, no matter what the sensation is that arises in this body, the sensation is always changing: you are not that!


Being spacious


Just in this moment, with no idea, with no story of any personal life, feeling into yourself directly as the whole space and everything that arises in this space, not landing anywhere, not becoming identified with any sensation of good, of bad, of happy, of sad, allowing everything in this whole existence to move through like waves of energy passing through spacious Aware Presence.

Tasting the fullness of yourself.

Nothing is missing here.




And letting go into That!

Into the wholeness, into peace, into what you are.

This you can never loose, and this you cannot become.

And this can welcome everything!

All the ups and downs in the world of experience, are welcome.

Resting at home in yourself, the search is over.


A separate form


So in a moment we are going open the eyes and come into this experience of being in a separate form, having an individuality and take a look at what is really true.

Before we do that, give yourself this moment to recognize, to taste, to take a drink from the fullness of yourself. And then slowly, as you feel ready, taste the taste in your mouth, feel your body, this incredible miracle of form that you have taken for this human experience and as you slowly allow the eyes to open,notice what it is that is looking through these eyes.

So, Welcome to Satsang!


Ananta’s way


For those of you who haven’t been in a sharing of Satsang, just a few words about the way that I am sharing That.

Satsang is not a lecture and is not a teaching, I have Nothing to teach you, it is a meeting, a meeting of That which we can only point to with words.

Words can never speak it but they come close, so many ways of speaking it we have heard, we have heard so many flavours of what the ultimate truth is, and if you have come this far and you find yourself in a yoga hall, coming into this space, you have already prepared yourself in some way, you are coming to line up to find the truth of yourself.

That’s what you are looking for, whether you know it or not.


What we really want


At the end of the day that’s what you really want.

So, there are so many ways and flavours, using so many words to point to this. The way that I’m sharing is through Direct Experience, to trigger that taste, toreally trigger that direct experience, so in this very moment you taste That which cannot be spoken and there is a recognition in your system – ‘Ah’ – of something which you already know, you already know!

The seed at the core of Being, itself has the potential to become a flower, right? But in the seed everything is already known, so it’s not that anybody can… it’s not a teaching, is not something that you’re going to study and study and come to realize through that.


From past teachings to Being here now


The teachings would prepare the mind only, would bring an intellectual understanding, which is needed: first an intellectual understanding coming: ‘oh, we hear it’, we hear so many things about being here now in this moment.


What does it mean to be here now?


What does it mean to live life, knowing yourself as Now?

Knowing yourself as what has been called God, you know?

First we get the understanding: ‘oh yes, everybody is That, we all come from the same creator’. All these intellectual understandings, they bring us to a certain point, then….




…This, This, that looks through your eyes…

This that’s looking through every pair of eyes…

Whatever words we want to give to it: awareness!?

Is it aware?

Is it aware right now without you doing that awareness?

Just notice what happens in the system right now!

It rises, it falls.

Awareness itself is not touched by that arising of some touch, of some sensation, maybe fear, maybe whatever we can name it.

But, it’s rising, it’s falling, it’s passing by… It didn’t touch that which is aware, that IS.


Where we put our attention


But we go on looking, we go on looking always at what is appearing, we are always putting our attention on what is appearing, what is coming, what is going. The attention is always going there, to find fulfillment, to find what we are looking for.

We always go out, we always go to what is appearing.

There are moments of satisfaction, but they come and they go. There comes a moment when we really realize that we are not truly fulfilled by what’s coming and going.

There are beautiful experiences, there are ups, downs, but this is not really it.


Getting ready


So when we get ready to start looking truly for:

‘Who am I? What am I? Who is the one who is searching? What am I in this form? What am I doing here?’

When we get ready to ask ourselves That question, and that becomes the ultimate, that becomes the highest value, to know, and by itself…. that readiness is calling!

Every experience that comes into your world, every experience is pointing you to That.

Every experience that you are bringing to yourself is pointing you to show you where it’s not: it’s not there, it’s not there, it’s not there, it’s not there, it’s not there, it’s not there….until you’ re really get ready to drop in yourself.


A way to Share


So again the way that I’m sharing, the way that I’m inviting is first to start with this question: ‘who am I?’

‘Cause when you get that clear, when you really have that clear, everything else falls into its place!

So the invitation, Monica made this invitation to me to come and share with you today, and that’s what’s happening; so if you also came here, there is no mistake, no matter what you think, so I’m inviting any questions, that don’t have to be questions even, they can be confirmations, that I can confirm to you of what you’re already tasting and just shift it right into a direct recognition, to clarify, to confirm what you already know.


The meeting of That


And the meeting of That, the sharing of That is only here right now, is never going to be in the future, is never going to be…where is the future, where is the past?

You know it already: it’s here, it’s right now, the true meeting.

Beyond all these stories of my life and your life, who cares about that?

It’s all just mind business; so just a story happening in the thinking, collected in the memory. Means nothing!

You cannot take it with you!

You will not take it with you when this body drops off!

Means nothing!

To come to taste, to come to know what will go with you when this body drops, is what all of this life is!

So, I’ll shut up and open the space for…


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