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Blame, Shame, Guilt, Pride are Traits of the Ego

a gem from the archives direct transmission/satsang inquiry with ananta
Ananta Kranti ~ Blame, Shame, Guilt, Pride are Traits of the Ego


…the world outside doesn’t change, it’s you changing within you that changes your world, because you are the world. So you cannot change anything out there. You can only make the change within yourself.






October 24, 2016

Hello, can you hear me?

(Ananta) Oh yes, you look relaxed Brenda.

(Brenda) Well, first of all you’re so beautiful, I cannot take my eyes off of you and my question is so silly compared to what the other women and folks are talking about, but I live in America and as you know…

(A.) Well I don’t know I’ve never been to America you have to educate me.

(B.) Please don’t come until after November eighth, but we’re having so much trouble here…

(A.) Un-huh

(B.) and in my mind I know I’m to… ahhh…make friends with our enemies and I’m having such a hard time with all of all the heartbreaking politics that we’re having here…

(A.) Mmm…

(B.) it’s, it’s heartbreaking for me, it’s been heartbreaking for so many of my friends, and…

(A.) Brenda, Brenda, Brenda…

(B.) Yes?

(A.) What do you want to feed?

(B.) I just want to feed justice…

(A.) No, no, no, no, no no… you go in the same boat, you get in the same boat as the ones that you… the… the ones that you are… ummm… perceiving that are creating a lot of heartbreak, right? The moment that you start fighting for justice, you are in the same boat. You go in the same realm.

You keep yourself… you know every victim needs a perpetrator, right? You go in the same, the same… The moment that you…

You know, this Consciousness field that is meeting here right now, is met in itself, it doesn’t matter about which country whatever, Consciousness is the same, right? So, when you start creating bubbles and pockets of starting with yourself and whatever beings that you can come together with with the same longing for Truth, not justice, but for the truth of what is really, really deeply true at the heart, yeah?

(B.) Yes.

(A.) Then you come to a deeper truth, and the longing… all this craziness that’s happening on the planet, is for… is like it’s, umm, the fuel that is cranking up the volume for the longing for the only… the only thing that survives it all, which is the truth of who one truly is, that’s the only thing that’s ever going to survive.

And until you are pointed in that direction, you will be fighting for a… you will be in the same wars that have been taking place down through the ages. Yeah?

And it’s through the war that it’s like to step out of that, and to come to the real thing, is where there’s no more food being given in that direction but you start feeding the Light of Consciousness, and that is what’s missing on our planet, the Light of Consciousness.

You are that Light, you have to come to that Light… and therefore you… if… within your home, like I can see you’re sitting comfortably at home, you are creating a field in which supports you to come more and more and more at home in the knowing of what is deeply true in all living beings, you find the beloved of your own heart and you start giving food to that, that starts… emanating from you and attracting more of that into your world… for as long as you’re focused on… duality, you are rebirthing duality, the belief in duality.

(B.) But then you know, so I thought I had been feeding peacefulness and consciousness, and then when I see outside that it’s not so, I got confused.

(A.) Yeah but, it’s not going… the… the world outside doesn’t change, it’s you changing within you that changes your world, because you are the world. So you cannot change anything out there. You can only make the change within yourself. And then when more and more and more and more and more beings are doing that, the Light of Consciousness takes a different action, it doesn’t move into the fight, it moves into the heart, yeah? And in that way we start bringing the attention to planting more trees and giving food to the earth in… you know, like in, feeding… nature back-to-nature, True nature back to nature, instead of you know, I…

Look, almost 30 years I haven’t read a newspaper, I don’t watch the news. And I don’t feel like I missed anything. Yeah?

I see the constant changes happening on the surface, I cannot do anything about that, but the changes that happen within my own being, are creating change in every meeting I have, with every being, in the life that I live and there are more and more and more beings giving their life to that, yeah? And then that is what starts changing the way we do things, the way we treat each other the way, the way we talk to each other, the way we give up our blaming.

As long as you you are blaming anything… outside of yourself, you are blaming yourself. And blame and shame, guilt and pride, are the traits of the ego. You will have to give them up… because there’s only Consciousness that has got itself lost… in identification with this (pointing to her head), and egoic structures, you know.

You are that Consciousness, you are the Light, don’t make yourself less than that, by going in the blame game.

(B.) So, can you tell me some practices? I listen to you, and I love listening to you, are these the practices that I’ll… I can continue to just keep feeding the Light then?

(A.) Well, you’re, you’re, listening to beings that are… ummm… speaking this message, then you have to take whatever you realize through that message and put it into action. It’s not just listening and listening all day. You have to actually take what you realize in that, and put it into action.

You like… how do you… when you get up in the morning, how do you spend your day? Do you start feeding this body with, ahh, self-love?

(B.) Well, embarrassingly, I had been reading… I don’t have a TV but I started to read about polls and elections. I used to read… I know…

(A.) Then what do you expect? You are, you are eating the food that takes you into the war, then what do you expect?

There’s no self loving, but you want to blame them. You are your world.

(B.) So I need to go back to my original practices which is reading, just from my books and doing meditating, just doing my own self…

(A.) Focus on love.

(B.) I’m a massage therapist, just love my people, love myself…

(A.) Move your life from the deepest knowing, the deepest truth, and from your heart. Move your life in that way, and don’t allow people to come on to your massage table and start talking politics. Don’t do it!

Put a gun to their head, put the gun of Truth…

(B.) Thank you… …

(A.) Yeah? I mean you can, you can thank me but it’s you, that you have to actually put this into life… because no, no being, no messenger, can do that for you, you know.

(B.) Thank you.

(A.) Mmm, thank you for bringing this topic. It’s such a temptation now, you know with the craziness of what’s going on in the planet, the temptation to get pulled into all the craziness, the madness the temptation is so strong that the… it’s like it also creates the, the same strength in the other direction to run towards the Light, you know? It’s, it’s, it’s doing itself, it is one Consciousness doing itself actually, there is no duality, in that.

You know, there is only Godliness creating all this for its own undoing ultimately.

(B.) And this is where I had gotten so confused, because I thought and thought and think your way and then when this started to blow up so big I was so confused.

(A.) Yes. But… …Well you know what, I don’t even know what you’re talking about blow, blow up so big, because I’ve got no clue what’s going on in the news. Now that might make me ignorant, but it means that I get to spend a lot more time on my yoga mat, or smothering myself in oils, or burning sacred woods, or making really delicious root food… and all these things is what comes to the meeting when I meet you, you know.

So, some might say, ‘oh yeah you’re just sitting on your ass doing nothing’, but that in itself is, is… umm…giving birth to, to, a new way of being, and brings the Light to meet this moment in truth.

You know, my head is not filled up with politics.

(B.) I can see that.

(A.) Take a bath with essential oils and love yourself. Don’t feed that.

What you can’t change, don’t feed it. Feed what you can change.

(B.) Thank you.

(A.) Mmmm… You look pretty relaxed anyway. Thank you, yeah.


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