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This is the time for YOUR Awakening

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This is the time for YOUR Awakening ~ Ananta Kranti


July 14, 2018, Ananta in Reigate, UK

This is the time for YOUR Awakening!

God afternoon. 

Mmmm. Thank you for giving value to come here today. There is something calling deeply in your heart.

If I was to ask you what brought you here, the mind may come up with all kinds of reasons, yet there is a movement, moving you, an unstoppable movement, in which there is a knowing… mmm… get waves of that knowing, as recognition takes place. There is a knowing in you that the game is up. You simply cannot believe this, this life story of separation.

You simply cannot believe in this little separate entity called ‘me’, planted on this earth, turning in space, having a life all by itself, having a world all by itself, to get things for itself, to become something for itself. You simply cannot believe. 

… pause…

Because when you believe into that, and you give your life to that, there is suffering. And this suffering is not new, it's not yours, it's been all through human incarnations, down the ages, passed down, inheritance, passed down, cycles and cycles, generations and generations, belief systems, believing in a separate entity in which wars are created out of that belief.

You see it in your own relationships. You see it in dysfunctionality, you see it in your own psyche. You see the lie that has caused suffering, and goes on causing madness. It has become so mad now, in our collective consciousness, that it cannot be believed. 

I mean, what does it take, what does it take to get the attention of man, and I say ‘man’ meaning the human incarnation, what does it take to get the attention to really question the reality of all this? 

It takes madness, and that's what we're seeing in what we call the world, we're seeing madness, and that madness, that madness is cranking up the volume of the whisper, the whisper, the whisper, the whisper has always been there, the volume is being turned up… that you begin to hear, you begin to listen to a deeper knowing, that this life cannot be all for that. And maybe in the first place you come to meetings like this, or you begin on a journey of yoga, meditation, whatever it is, maybe in the beginning you begin on that journey to get away from suffering, because it's too unbearable anymore to look for what is real, what is true, maybe it begins like that. 

… pause…

There have been messengers, for as long as we can look back, there's been messages down the ages, it used to be the rare being, the rare Baba on the top of a mountain. 

Now it's the time of awakening, the collective, global awakening. And now it's for you, it's not for the Baba on the top of a mountain. You don't need anymore to be a follower, it's time. The readiness is here for direct realisation.

The packaging is changing, it doesn't look anymore, it doesn't have to look anymore like a master, with a group of disciples, it's time for you, the readiness is here.

If the story of your life has been squeezing you a little bit more, it's only for this. It's only for the shifting of the values, because as long as your values are still sitting in ‘getting what I want’… they need to shift. This is not about getting what I want, this is about dying to who I'm not, and getting honest and real and true.

And this is not to be believed, this is not, I don't share or speak anything where I say, come follow me or believe me, I don't want you to believe a word I say. I transmit what is known deeply in you, so what is coming here and hitting what is already known in you, is Itself to Itself. It's you who pulls that from deep inside of you, I have nothing to say, nothing at all. 

So in these meetings, and it's really lovely to meet so many new faces, same old one, new faces, a unique expression of the One. So then I like to say that, yeah, what I share and what I transmit, it's not a teaching, it's not a teaching for you to follow, it's direct realisation. 

I offer to facilitate a direct awakening of that which is already… already what it is. You cannot become what you already are, you don't, you know, it used to be like we would practice and practice and practice and practice and practice and practice to become, but the practice is no more about reaching somewhere that's not already here.

The evolution of these teachings has produced the readiness, the readiness is here to realise and awaken and recognise and shift right here, right now. Right here, right now. Right here, right now, because in the story of all that, all the Babas who came before have paved the way, yeah? 

So in the meetings that I offer, I invite interaction, sharings, can be questions, answers happen, it's Itself to Itself, it's all known in Itself, and all that I ever appear to do is to facilitate where that is already known in you.

So in these meetings there is an open invitation to question, explore, enquire, confirm, any of that. 

So feel welcome, we have a little, little, little, little, little bit of a moment together, let's use it, yeah, there's such an urgency in our consciousness, there's such a mess in our collective, that clearing up the mess in our own consciousness has to be priority. It has to be priority, yeah, that will have your little self dying. 

Now, I never met any of you before, so I don't know if the language that's coming out of here, you even, like, I know some of you know exactly what is being spoken, I don't know the language, so just let me know, how many of you have been sitting in meetings like this before? Okay, so, mostly, yeah, this is bubbling up everywhere, everywhere, there's so much available now, yeah, there's so much available, and it's really, really time. 

It's not a spiritual hobby anymore, it's time to shift living, living from a separate identity and live from what you really are, where your true power is, yeah, to live from that, to transmit that into all your interactions, into all your relationships, into all what you live, and let that move your life forward. 

So I open the space for some interaction…



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