Diamond Mentoring

Container - 180 days

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Individual Exclusive Mentoring with Ananta is a once in a lifetime opportunity to receive individual attention, transmission and guidance for a very limited number of beings who are sincerely and deeply committed to living an exceptional life given to freedom, awakening, transcendence and embodiment of our true nature.

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This Diamond mentoring package is a 6-month private container, where you will meet regularly with Ananta over zoom for a 90-minute call. 

There are a total of 14 one to one transformation sessions included in this package, where you will have the unique opportunity to experience an extended therapeutic and transformational container with Ananta.

Ananta holds space for only 2 private clients at any one time, for maximum transformation and holding. This means that throughout the 6-month container the intention, energy and Presence transmitted during your journey of transformation will be focused for you.

If appropriate to your tailored package we will clarify where you are now and where you would like to be and see how we may stay focused with that result.

Alternatively we may allow the journey to organically unfold, nothing is fixed, you are unique! 

Private Individual Clients will be chosen by Ananta on application - to assure that it is energetically the ‚Äėright fit‚Äô.
As well as the one to one sessions, you will also have exclusive chat support from Ananta. This means you have the possibility for ongoing exchange (if a check in is required) of 30 mins daily either by voice message, email exchange or text, tailored exercises, practices and recommendations for awakening and transformation in all areas of life - spiritual, physical, mental and emotional.
As a part of the package, you will also have free access to the Living Awake Members group with Ananta for 6 months. (Although attendance is in no way mandatory.) Many private members prefer to keep all contact with Ananta strictly 1-1.
As a private client, Ananta will be prioritizing working with you energetically throughout the entire 6-month period, giving you an amazing opportunity for a deep and ongoing relationship in a space of Pure Presence. 
If you have a deep resonance with Ananta's work, and are sincerely looking for true freedom, peace and happiness in this life - this is your opportunity to make that happen.
If this is for you please fill out the application form below and Ananta will be in touch soon with further details.