Ananta Kranti presents

Staying Conscious and Free in the Midst of Dysfunction ~  A Full Day Intensive.

Join spiritual influencer and transformational mentor Ananta Kranti for her powerful 1 day intensive retreat.

Meeting in a healing field of loving presence Ananta will guide you into how to be with and transform your emotional world, and in that process find true freedom.

Yes, I'd like to join!
"Working with Ananta a life long disabling pattern has been seen and healed. I have felt whole since then, and I feel strong energy flowing through my body continuously, like a breath, like ocean waves."
Judith van Kolfschoten

Join Ananta for this Transformational Full Day Intensive Retreat.

In our fast changing world we are all being challenged in various ways that invite us to grow and expand into the more of who we are.
During this 1 Day Intensive workshop I will share with you my own life challenges that I am living through right now, and how I am moving with that, walking with unknown situations and consistently being made new through human growth, while at the same time having deep realisations and spiritual revelations.
I will offer you keys to integrate into your own life that support your inner strength and clarity even when you may be greatly challenged.
During this full day intensive we will dive deeper than experience and rest in the quantum field of interconnectedness. 

An Opportunity to join Ananta in a 1 Day Deep Dive Intensive.

Meeting directly and intimately in Deep Exploration with the theme:

‘Staying Conscious and Free in the midst of Dysfunction’.

What does it really mean to remain Conscious & Free ?

We will sink deeply in stillness, create space for self reflection and the Joy of Being.

This meeting is being held online.

We will open the Intensive with dance meditation ❤️ 9:am GMT

The schedule will include two online transmissions with Ananta, the first starting at 9: am GMT with a 45 min Deep drop Into the depths of Being in which all separation falls away.

From this point of expanded Awareness, Ananta will introduce the session with the focus on ‘Staying Conscious & Free in the midst of Dysfunction’.

Followed by the invitation to interact and directly explore whatever may come up in a field of potent Presence.

After approx 2 hours we take a break, drop deep and digest, invitation to dance to some great music, then continue at 1:00 pm GMT for deepening, transmission & Interaction/ Q & A!

You will receive a further email with finer instructions to this 1 Day Intensive that will support each and every one to create a space in which magic unfolds.

This is a Day of Retreat and you are required to put everything else aside including your phones!


What does it really mean to stay Conscious & Free?

In the midst of a world that has seemingly falling systems in so many areas ‘out there’ we can also easily notice that the inner systems are so very unreliable…

It all appears to be 'falling apart' inner and outer as part of the evolutionary process of humanity.

It is very alive and Present in our collective Consciousness Right Now that many of the systems we have relied on are dysfunctional, that life as we have known it will never be the same and radical change is on high speed requiring constant adaptation on all levels. It has always been here, more on the horizon yet now, it’s right in our face and cannot be denied, and it’s clear that distraction will no longer work.

This same breaking down of dysfunctional ways within our own psyche and patterning brings everything to the surface and into our relationships.

A deep inner knowing is waking up, it sees and refuses to go on with the same old worn out ways...

How can we remain connected to Clarity, what can we rely on and attune to while moving through this ongoing transition?

You are invited to dive into the depth of Being together on this one day Intensive and rest in the beauty of what is already known while seeing clearly from Here how you can support yourself in living in alignment with clear seeing and make incremental inner adjustments that reflect into your outer world.

There will be a ‘guided meditation’ or dropping deeply at the source, where Peace always is, we rest deeply in That for around 40 mins, followed by an alive and potent transmission on the above themes and whatever comes through in the moment inviting exploration and interaction.

We will take a break between the two intensive sessions, rest and digest. We will also include the body with together dance using inspirational music while connected, then another intensive meeting with transmissions, interactions and Q & A.

Your Host

Ananta Kranti

Ananta Kranti is a powerful spiritual teacher and transformational mentor who has dedicated her life to deepening her awakening and transmitting it to thousands of students and seekers around the world, helping them to discover the true nature of the mind, its illusions, karmic entanglements and the path to ultimate freedom. 
She works in an integrative way including all levels of the human experience. Both the spiritual and psychological. This includes unmet trauma that may be held in body-mind memory.
Ananta shares practical ways for people to overcome limitations, transform internal struggles and truly find freedom in this life.



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Join Ananta Kranti for this powerful masterclass as she shares how we can stay aligned and free in the midst of emotional triggers.