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What attracts you most to a VIP Day or Evening with Ananta in a 1-1 capacity?


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How did you come to hear about Ananta, and how long have you been interested in her work?

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What would be your desired outcome from spending a day of private Intensive time with Ananta?


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What has your spiritual journey looked like up to this point? What has been working for you, and what hasn't been working for you?

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The VIP days as a 1-1 container with Ananta is exclusive to just 2 lucky Beings within a 3-month period.


Are you able to commit to an energy exchange of £800 for a full Day of focused attention of you ?


Or a 2 x (half days) Intensive Individual workshop is possible.



Yes I can commit at this time


I can commit to 2 x monthly payments of £400 or 2 x £250


Unfortunately not at this time.

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