Ananta Kranti presents

Undoing Dysfunction ~ Living from the Illumination of your True Self 

A 3-month intensive self-study program of transformation and awakening for courageous Beings who are ready to face everything that is standing in the way of them stepping into and living life from True Freedom!

A special invitation to those looking to dive deeply into Ananta's teachings for a 3-month period in her most powerful online offering to date.

(Recorded live April 2023)

Dear friends,

Thank you for considering this new program which is designed specifically for those who are sincerely seeking to live from their true selves, in a place of lasting internal peace and happiness.

Dysfunction is everywhere running through society within most systems and at all levels. 

We are all immersed in dysfunctional ways from when we are very young and at some point get conditioned by those who are also conditioned by this dysfunctional system.

Deep down at a young age there may be an inner feeling of the wrongness of it, that what we are being taught is misaligned to our true nature. 

But at that young age, what can we do?

We may develop ways to avoid, rebel or sneak around it… 

For most of us a point comes where we simply go along with it and all this dysfunction becomes our conditioned personality that then plays out as the way we move in the world of relating.

Dysfunction is seen in our physical world of events and it's also running through our own Consciousness. 

It is born of the belief in separation and this is the source of all our suffering.

Many beings, even after re-cognizing their True Nature as Being Aware, may also have attended hundreds of Self development and Awareness workshops, yet when it comes down to relating with friends and lovers the old habitual way of reacting in dysfunctional ways is so often the natural response.

We’d love to invite you to this 12-week Intensive Journey where we will blow through the false belief in separateness, creating space for clear seeing and meeting directly as the same Awareness. 

From this point we will look into all areas of life and where dysfunction shows up in our world.

We will uncover and explore unconscious beliefs that keep repetitive mind patterns playing out, bringing them conscious so that they can resolve and burn up within the Light of Awareness. 

You will be invited into seeing through old dysfunctional ways and live more experientially into a clear true meeting in all our relationships. 

By wholeheartedly being willing to be deeply honest about living 'True to the Truth' on all levels - your whole world will change. 

You are invited to join  this deep and profound journey of awakening and inner transformation.

Much love,

Ananta and Team.


''Nobody said this human experience was going to be all pretty and sweet and easy so you could just come here and have a good time. You’re here to Realize. What else can it be about?''


Who is the 3-month program for?

This program is intended for:

  • Those who are ready to make significant changes in their lives that empower a new way of being.
  • Those who are ready to expand and Open into greater and unknown realms.

  • Those who are ready to deepen in every way inclusive of daily life.

  • Those who realise that true Freedom requires the courage to stand True to what is True in the face of any challenge.

  • Those who are dedicated to face all of life with radical self honesty.

  • You are ready to radically reshape yourself to live in a whole new way of Being and as you walk, creating a new frequency on this planet.

  • Those who see there is no turning back with the changes happening on the surface of our life and a strong inner foundation is paramount!

  • It's for you if you feel life is calling you to get creative and find New ways of Living that are in alignment with your true heart.

  • You would like to find supportive ways to stay strong and choose the frequencies of love & Joy over Fear.

  • It's for you if you are ready to live what you really Are and embody what you came here for as a Free Being, to stand in Truth integrating your Highest Self with your Human Being.

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Being in the presence of a seemingly quite ordinary human being, and at the same time a true spiritual giant of unspeakable energy like Ananta Kranti feels like the greatest blessing I have received in this life.
A true meeting with her is the crown of my life so far…."
Forever grateful ‚̧ūüôŹ‚̧ ~ Sergio, Croatia

Course Curriculum - Here is what we will cover through the 12-weeks.

Module 1- Weeks 1-3


The first 3 weeks of this 12 week series will focus on bringing awareness to the ways in which dysfunctional behaviour has been weaved into our consciousness since we were very young and may play out through our personality often causing difficulty and conflict within the world of relationships, or keeping us stuck in a loop.

Only when unconscious behaviours become conscious can we really begin to see a way for change.

As part of our evolutionary process it is time to leave behind all that clearly does not work for us to live in harmony with who we really Are.

Module 2- Weeks 4-6

"The Power of the Dark side"

The unconscious is powerful and has learned the way of repression as well as developing strategies to keep us safe.

We all carry unconscious patterning that is weaved into our nervous system early on in life.

We may find ourselves re-creating the same scenarios, or physical/material manifestations that root back to deeply held beliefs from our childhood.

These unconscious beliefs are powerful because they are reflections of our true power.

We will be using ‘pairwork’ as well as internal inquiry to explore and bring conscious our learned compensating strategies that are fed by these deeply held belief systems.

Module 3- Weeks 7-9

"Into the Core ~ The Power of anchoring in our True Self"

These next 3 weeks focus on finding stability in the eye of the storm.

When we have a solid foundation rooted in our true nature, we have an unwavering connection to who we really are at the core.

This makes every bit of difference to any and every experience even at times when dysfunctional ways are activated through the stress response.

Our innate knowing has the capacity to not buy into beliefs that tell us untruths about ourselves, others or situations.

This allows all unmet pain and trauma to come home.

Module 4- Weeks 10-12

"Cutting the Root of false identification''

The way we experience dysfunction and all of life has everything to do with our self identity. 

In these final 3 weeks we will dive deeply into true Self inquiry through direct experience and see clearly


We will also include the question of..

‘How to live true to Who I really Am in the midst of daily life?’

Your Mentor

 Ananta Kranti 

Ananta¬†has dedicated her life to deepening her illumination and transmitting it to thousands of students and seekers in the form of personalized ‚Äúpointers‚ÄĚ that directly reveal the nature of the mind, its illusions, karmic entanglements and the path to ultimate freedom.¬†She works in an integrative way with all levels, including unmet trauma that may be held in bodymind memory, and reveals practical ways to overcome, transform and live Awake into your next level of expanded consciousness within daily life.


"No matter what anybody deals with in daily life, Ananta has the gift to find a quick doorway to connect with the innermost of everybody. She guides people skillfully into truth - with so much humor, love and wisdom! Every journey with Ananta is new, fresh and deep, highlights other forgotten corners in myself. Can highly recommend Ananta! " Barbara, Switzerland

Here’s what you’ll receive the 'Undoing Dysfunction' program:

1. 12 2 hour workshops/Satsangs with Ananta. Each week you will receive a powerful workshop for a deep dive into the depths of Being. From here you will have a profound opportunity to explore any areas of your life and internal experience that may be in the way of you living from the peace and joy of your true self. In this intimate group there will be plenty of opportunities for personalised interaction and guidance with Ananta. 

(Originally recorded as part of a live course early 2023)

2.. Weekly homework activities/pair work.

From a place of deep presence Ananta has beautifully and skilfully designed powerful homework activities to help you see clearly into and liberate the holding patterns and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from living from the Illumination of your True Nature.

You will have the option either do these exercises on your own, or wherever possible you will be paired up with another participant, so you can go through these powerful enquiries together!


Plus you'll receive these special bonuses:



Align to your Inner Power - Workshop

Do you know what it feels like when you are in your True Power?

 Aligned to the whole Universe, like an Intelligence moving through your whole system that has a voice you cannot doubt?

You are in flow and it's like you are living exactly what you came for?

Rather than being run by patterning and automated voices that are defending a position that is egoic and aligned to this little me?

The powerful bonus workshop empowers the Spirit of Who You really Are.



Spiritual Practice in the midst of a Metamorphosis - A workshop

Where do you reside in yourself in the midst of a metamorphosis?

In this meeting Ananta begins with a guided deep drop into the unified field of Pure Presence, Love and Peace.  A felt sense can be experienced in a 'Tantric' way without any separation.

Followed by a potent tranmission that took the focus on the subject of Death, Reincarnation, and questions on the death process and soul journey's etc.

Ananta guides a participant through what she perceives to be the journey of ego death and liberation during the dying process whether it's within life or death of the body.

A few beautiful interactions unfolded with sincere participants.


What You’ll Receive as a Member

Ananta Kranti presents:

Undoing Dysfunction

A 12-week program of transformation and awakening for those who are ready to face everything that is standing in the way of true freedom!

As a member, you’ll receive…

1) 12 powerful workshops/satsangs with Ananta

2) A Private Member Portal

3) Weekly Deepening Activities/Pairwork

BONUS: Align to your Inner Power - Workshop

BONUS: Spiritual Practice in the midst of a Metamorphosis - A workshop

"Getting involved in this online course with Ananta helped me to bring to light the deeply hidden obstacles of an early trauma from the depths of the unconscious. The personal meetings with Ananta turned out to be in-depth experiences in self-exploration. Ananta is a competent, experienced, spiritual “guide” with a clear view and a big heart to which nothing is alien."  ~ Karen, USA


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What people say!


''No matter what anybody deals with in daily life, Ananta has the gift to find a quick doorway to connect with the innermost of everybody. She guides people skillfully into truth - with so much humor, love and wisdom! I have attended many retreats with Ananta, and every journey is new, fresh and deep, highlights other forgotten corners in myself. Can highly recommend Ananta!''

- Barbara.


''The event was incredible. I laughed, I cried and I saw some beautiful human interactions that touched everyone involved. I could see Ananta energetically connecting her presence with the participants inviting them to drop all their stories and fully engage in the stillness of the moment. Beautiful event grateful to have participated.''



''Brilliant heartfelt deeply sweet.......what an honor and gift and comfort to be among such elevated humans''

- Teresa


''Ananta is the embodiment of real freedom and truth. I am deeply touched again and again by her love for the truth, her compassion and her empathy."

- love Anna


"Getting involved for eight weeks with Ananta helped me to bring to light the deeply hidden obstacles of an early trauma from the depths of the unconscious. Both pair work and the personal meetings with Ananta turned out to be in-depth experiences in self-exploration. Ananta is a competent, experienced, spiritual ‚Äúguide‚ÄĚ with a clear view and a big heart to which nothing is alien."

- Karen, USA


Whilst I have been on other personal growth experiences, Ananta is unusual in that she has this ability to envelope the room with both powerful, warm, loving energy, yet, simultaneously, not so much as strip away the layers of the onion, but as to blast straight through to the core, gently, but instantly and effectively!

Above all the generous magic, she is fun, with a wonderful 'don't take it so seriously' self-deprecating sense of humour, and lots of laughter.
I am still realising the effects weeks later, and imagine that they will continue to recycle to help me when I need them.

Thank you Ananta!

- Andy Robertson, UK


For me this was a wonderful Healing Journey into the Deeper Seeing and Being ...
How changing perspectives can heal yourself and the world!
How anything can be (mis)used as a ‚Äėstrategy‚Äô to either escape, avoid or transcend reality!
How that has nothing to do with how awakened you are!
How Self-inquiry can liberate us from self-sabotage and victimhood!
How so many self protective-mechanisms lead to separation…
How to make love with your triggers…when triggered!
How, from the place of Radical Honesty, we can be and do whatever we want, when aligned with our True self!
How seeing all the dynamics playing out in another pair of eyes can move you,
to compassion and recognition with the whole.
How to create intentions, from the place that unites us, and so affects us all!
Realizing the depth of this, is how we can shift the world!
How spacious awareness is always here, our Small Self included,
and how we can ‚Äėchoose‚Äô to identify with it‚Ķ or not.
How i look forward integrating all this in my life now, on my own…
but knowing now which necessary steps to take...
to Radical self-empowerment and True Freedom!
Thank you Ananta for bringing this with so much Passion & Dedication!
It's contagious! Time to spread it on! ‚̧ԳŹ



 It’s hard to say in words how much this course has transformed my life. I can just say that it worked - it did what it said in the title and un-did my dysfunction.
Ananta introduced us to the Core Beliefs and as the course progressed, I understood how my underlying, dysfunctional core belief has affected every stage of my life. And how I had shaped my life to re-confirm and re-confirm this dysfunctional belief.
Becoming aware of this was so empowering and meant that where I once felt I had no choice, I can now make new choices - ones that come from the awareness of who I truly am.
This has been life changing, literally. The feeling of being me has completely changed. I felt powerless and worthless when I started this course and as I write this now, it’s as if the person I was then is someone else. Someone who I have so much compassion for, but who I am not anymore.
And it’s exciting now, to be me. To play with the way that I feel, instead of being trapped by it. To feel the freedom of feeling and how I can move within the feeling-scape. For the first time I’m truly stepping into my own life and living it for me.
If you watch this course, you will get to know the person that I was then. I once would have felt shame about that, but now I feel so proud that you can watch my journey and get the gift of Ananta’s presence and love like I did.

- Johanna, UK