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How to Meet Emotional Triggers Consciously.

Join spiritual teacher and transformational mentor Ananta Kranti for this FREE masterclass.

Meeting in a healing field of loving presence Ananta will guide you into how to be with and transform your emotional world, and in that process find true freedom.

Recorded Originally in 2022

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"Working with Ananta a life long disabling pattern has been seen and healed. I have felt whole since then, and I feel strong energy flowing through my body continuously, like a breath, like ocean waves."
Judith van Kolfschoten

Join Ananta for this Transformational Masterclass

How to Meet Emotional Triggers Consciously.

In this masterclass, we will explore:

  • How you can use emotional triggers to deepen in your awakening.
  • How to cultivate Self Compassion and Self Love when you are triggered emotionally.
  • How Pure Presence is the True Healer for everything.
  • How to re-parent ourselves, growing the internal space to hold whatever activation of past trauma or pain may appear in the moment.
  • and much more.

Your Host

Ananta Kranti

Ananta Kranti is a powerful spiritual teacher and transformational mentor who has dedicated her life to deepening her awakening and transmitting it to thousands of students and seekers around the world, helping them to discover the true nature of the mind, its illusions, karmic entanglements and the path to ultimate freedom. 
She works in an integrative way including all levels of the human experience. Both the spiritual and psychological. This includes unmet trauma that may be held in body-mind memory.
Ananta shares practical ways for people to overcome limitations, transform internal struggles and truly find freedom in this life.
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Join Ananta Kranti for this powerful masterclass as she shares how we can meet and transform our challenging emotions from a place of freedom and presence.

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